Damage APM 2.0

I damaged my APM 2.0 in a crash. The unit appears to operate fine but the GPS antenna came off. 3D Robotics does not do repair's and recommended removing or cutting the trace on it. I do not know how to do ether of toughs. I am looking to the community for help in how to do the repair's or finding someone to do it for me.  

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  • When has 3DR stop doing repairs. They fix a few of my stuff that was not working really cheap. However, wait time was long.

  • I've experienced this too. 

    For APM 1 there was wooden box "Ardupilot Mega Case" designed by Peter Koppendorfer that was great at protecting the APM from crash impact.

    When testing hardware I use a KK board ($20) and then when the most of the kinks are worked out I switch over to an APM ($200).  Surprises still do come up and the detachment of GPS antenna on the APM2 shield was my first (surprise for APM 2).

    The solder repair proposed by Anders Hansen looks promising.  External GPS is another work around.

  • Hi,

    The same happened to me after an heavy impact.

    I managed to fix so that it was able to function again, but the rest of the card was so smashed that I didn't dare fly with it again.

    Anywho, here is how i fixed mine:

    1. Put som soldering tin on, the center connector (the antenna connector)

    2. HInge the GPS antenna on the two horizontal holes (bottom of gps in the picture, in the gold part) on the GPS-base.

    3. Have a friend help you to hold the GPS antenna in a 45 degree angle

    4. Heat up the soldering tin, count down so that the moment you pull the iron out your buddy lowers the gps-antenna onto the melted tin. And hence reconnecting the whole thing.

    5. The thing is now very fragile so i used a gluegun to fix and support the antenna by gluing all the way around.

    (I have also done this with my current board as it serves as a good support structure in case of a new crash)

    6. Voila, you now have your GPS back :)

  • Developer

    Where are you located?

    It might be more feasible to add an external GPS instead of repairing that one

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