Spent several days building a new quad with brushless gopro gimbal, APM 2.6

Finally got to the stage where I could use autotune, all was going well as with previous multi, it got to the forward backward twitching, it had wandered off a little so I flew it back, at this point it must have been in it's very last stages of tuning as it'd been forward/backward twitching for a couple of minutes but as soon as I let the sticks centre it di a violent front flip into the ground upside down :(

Oh well, a few repairs and try again, no idea what caused that ?

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are you using simonk ESCs with pancake (low KV)  HV(5s-6s) motors?

if yes, check this thread: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!msg/drones-discuss/tq8l52cwGXg/_K-M_ViC_WcJ

Thanks Artem but no, I'm using boga standard ESC's and 950kv motors

I did do my beat to follow the tutorial/guide here:


All seemed to be going so well too, I was looking forward to getting it finished today but I've run out of time and light now

Add a log file here it makes it much easier

Yeah, I'll have to figure out how to do that

Did it once before a looooong time ago

I'll check over all the electricals first to see if I have any suspects, then try the Autotune again (hopefully with log files

good idea would be to enable "default+IMU" in the MP, so you'll get the info about any vibration issues. 

I'll see if I can figure that out but I doubt it will be vibrations, don't want to completely eliminate it but I was shocked to see that the hard mounted GoPro footage (no dampers and on a solid metal brushless gimbal) showed no signs of jello or excessive vibes

Right, best go clean the mud off the quad and my ego and get on with some fixing

Hi guys

Still having some trouble

Can someone tell me how to enable the logs, I've been searching and trying but can't figure it out



Here are a couple of references for you in regards to enabling the IMU logging and downloading the logs:



Good Luck!


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