DIY 350mm quadcopter

Hello and thank you for allow me to share my experiences with you. I am selecting my components and it's my first quadcopter. After some research I have the following components:

Frame 330mm: (160g)
Propellers 8045
Motor 2212 1400kv (192g)
ESC 30Amp Readytosky (100g)
Flight Controller Naze 32 (10g)
Power distribution board Blusky with XT60 (10g)
Battery 11.1v 3s 30c(191g)

Flysky FSi6S with iA6B


After complete the same calculus in this tutorial...the flight time is 13 minutes and I think that is very short according with the frame and propellers size. Could you please tell me how can improve the flight time?, I don't know if I can use propellers 9040 or even is this will improve the drone.


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  • Hello Fabian, there are more things to consider (battery selection, motor efficiency, propeller selection, or reducing the payload.) As for the propeller selection..while larger propellers like the 9040 may generate more thrust, they also require more power to spin. In general, higher-pitch propellers tend to be more efficient, so you could try using propellers with a higher pitch in the 8-inch range. However, make sure that the motors and ESCs can handle the increased load. As for the battery..the battery you mentioned (11.1V 3S 30C, 191g) has a relatively low capacity. Upgrading to a higher-capacity battery, such as one with a larger mAh rating, can provide more energy to the motors and increase flight time. However, keep in mind that a larger battery will also be heavier, so you'll need to ensure that your quadcopter can handle the additional weight. So, if I were you, I would upgrade to a higher-capacity battery. Here's more about flying:
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  • 13 minutes is not that bad! Is that hovering around or boring holes in the sky? What cutoff voltage are you using? The best way to get more flight time is to use a bigger battery if you are OK with flight behavior. Your quad's weight is so low that another 100g spent on battery would make a big difference, (25%+ more flight time). Next thing to note is that at this weight your motor KVs are too high for these props. They are only turning at around 4500 rpm at hover, (I checked their thrust v RPM graph). A 9" prop would be slightly more efficient but an even worse match with your motors and would require a motor with a KV around 1000.
    • THanks Ian, I was looking for a bigger propellers and different motors but after looking some graphics or tables likes this:

      I seems that for the frame (330mm) the max size for propellers is 8" and even in the site where I am buying the frame, they recommend 8". So my question is: Is there a way to know if I can change the propellers to 9" without crash the drone? In that case, 9050 is ok?, so it's suppose that I can use motors 2216 with 1000kv?
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      • Check if 9" props will overlap on this frame. If you are forced to say with 8" then I would suggest using 2212 motors with the 8" props which will save about 60 grams towards that larger battery. Stay with 1400kv with the 8" props. Last thing is to try a 4S battery of the appropriate weight if your ESCs can handle 4S. My suggestion for your next quad would be to us DJI Phantom 4 pro quick release prop motors and 9.45" quick release props. You can buy these as repair parts quite cheaply on line. With a 5000mAh 4S battery an 1100gram quad will fly for close to 30 minutes, (just like a Phantom 4 Pro)
  • Naze32 is good "obsolete" control card.

    Rule of thumb weight:
    1/4 frame and accessories,
    1/4 motors and esc and propellers
    1/4 battery
    1/4 payload (cam, gimbal, video tx,...)
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