DIY Joystick TX !!!! (sorry guys, the source of this project is not available anymore )

Guys, a very nice project I found on internet, this is a PPM encoder using an Arduino nano and you can use ANY TX module you want to do yourself a TX Joystick or use the PPM signal in your projects.

Credits for this project, construction details and source code on original webpage here


I'm doing one of this to test during this week, just amazing project for us, open a lot of possibilities.



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A nice project. I might have to look into this one!

A similar project has been carried out over on the Lynxmotion Forum using a Basic Micro processor and a Spektrum DSM2 Airmod:

However, if you don't want to do any soldering, Endurance RC makes the PCTx which acts as a PPM encoder interface between your PC (joystick encoder) and the trainer port of your RC transmitter:



This one also can help if you want to use your existing radio transmitter



actually i think this is the right place to thank Ian Johnston the disgner who designed this joy stick as i contacted him earlier and he gave me such a good support and teaching on Arduino that i felt i should thank him publically. not only He is a great engineer he is such a gentleman too!.


Thanks Ian !



Very well commented Reza!


Ian also reply all my questions and looks always ready to help.

I wish he keep going ahead and "flying high"!!!



and of course to thank you too Jose for posting this interesting project !!! lets not forget that :-)

I have ppm encoder and would like to includes inside a FS th 9 X and create a joystick with a cyborg v1 from SciTech anyone have any idea is connecting the ppm encoder channel 32 the cloud or stick of the transmitter and I'll put it on to the transmitter soldered throttle output would make sense
Sorry channel 3


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