DJI Phantom vision 2+ v. 3DR X8

Ive had a Flamewheel hexacopter with a Naza M-Lite for a couple months now but wanted to move to autonomous flight capabilities. I am a new hobbyist and want to experiment with either a DJI Phantom vision 2+ or X8.  My goal being plotting waypoints on a GCS. 

From what I have seen the Phantom 2 vision+ has an easy autopilot flight controller to allow for easy integration with a iPad. But 3DR X8 is open source, android and can prove to be better for integration with testing out different FCS.

I was wanted to know how these two UAVs compared in autopilot mode? Is there anything notoriously negative about each of these UAVs and FCS in dealing with Waypoints

Also which of the two would be better to eventually test with swarm capabilities?


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  • In my opinion phantom is much reliable but you cant make any changes so easily.
    Where as for apm as an open source you can make number of changes to fulfil your requirements.

    But if you want phantom then go for phantom 2 not vision plus. It comes with brusless gimbal and you can mount gopro. It has also ipad ground station.
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