I have had my DJI Phantom for about 3 weeks now and loved how easy it was to setup and fly. The best part was flying in GPS mode, I could just let go of the sticks and it would hover in place. 

Yesterday I decided to take some go pro pics of the intercoastal waterway and all the fishing boats docked at high noon.

Of course, the first time I fly near any body of water, my Phantom decided to go berserk and landed into the marsh. 

I was able to salvage it and and the go pro, but I'm pretty sure it will never fly again, nor do I want to waste any more time/money with DJI products.

So I have been doing research on the IRIS and wanted to know how it compared to the Phantom, specifically does it have a GPS flight mode where I can let go of the sticks and it hover. I believe Pixhawk has a 'loiter' mode - is that the same thing?

Also, DJI Phantoms are apparently notorious for random fly aways - is there a chance the Pixhawk or IRIS will have the same issues? With the Phantom, you have to be uber careful where you fly and calibrate your compass before every flight...such a pain.  

With the IRIS/Pixhawk, do I have to worry about stuff like that?


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position hold on apm is the same as gps on dji

Do not get to easy with it because my three week old iris+ flew away last week and the only reason I found it was the link and the android table I had it hooked to but it is in many pieces and now it is up to 3DR to find out my fate, by the way I had a 12 satellite lock. 

Update 3DR has told me that after reviewing the logs they do not know what caused the flyaway but that it was not pilot error and that they will replace the iris+ but with that being said I do not trust the iris+ any longer and as soon as I get the new one it goes on e-bay, I had two Phantoms and never had a flyaway and two Blade 350QX's also.

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