DJI supports Russia

When you buy DJI, you're supporting Russia's war against Ukraine. I've owned several DJI drones, but I will never own another.

... DJI, sent drone parts — like batteries and cameras — via the United Arab Emirates to a small Russian distributor in November and December 2022. DJI is a Chinese company that has been under U.S. Treasury sanctions since 2021 ...  (1)


In my recent post on the DJI Forum regarding the same topic, I was censored (pardon the DJI Forum monitor's broken English):

"Your theme DJI Drones Helping Kill Ukrainians Be DJI Mindy Warning
Continuous 30 Days accumulated 3 Warnings, You will be automatically disabled to speak 30 days.
Up to now, You have been 1 Warnings, Please note that!"



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  • A user's post discussing this topic on the DJI Forum was censored, and they received a warning. Such actions on the forum may be due to adherence to community guidelines or to avoid discussions on sensitive subjects. Those concerned about the alleged ties between DJI and the conflict can stay informed and consider alternative drone brands aligned with their principles of travel guide for women here
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  • DJI, a Chinese company under U.S. Treasury sanctions since 2021, is accused of sending drone parts to Russia via the United Arab Emirates in late 2022. This action has raised concerns that buying DJI products may indirectly support Russia's war against Ukraine. You can check more of it here
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  • Who cares? Your daily existence is unaffected by the manipulation of issues that don't affect you! You're whining because you're unable to voice your views, right? Well, nobody is interested in your views, especially about a false conflict! You only need to apply common sense and consider history to see that you are being duped. Tell me, please, what the point is because Ukrainians have no chance in hell. We live in a culture where conflict is unnecessary. Whoever is in charge doesn't matter as long as the common people can make money, provide for their families, and live happy lives! Conflict only arises when corrupt individuals are given power; otherwise, who cares what is written on your passport? War is completely dumb and does almost nothing for the general populace! I don't take sides and I don't care about issues that don't concern me or my business.
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  • who cares ? your being manipulated by matters that do not concern you has no effect on your day to day life! your complaining because you can not express your opinion? well no one cares about your opinion especially on a fake war ! all you need to do is use you common sense & look at history to understand that your being manipulated. Ukrainians has no chance in hell so what is the point please tell me ? we live in a society that has no need for war . Common people are not affected by who is in power as long as common people can make money and feed there family's live a happy life! Only when you allow corrupt people to lead then you have conflict who cares what your passport says? War is 100% stupid and does not benefit the common people at all ! I pick no sides do not care abut things that do not affect me or my bottom line !
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