I am in the process of buying components for my quad and I would like to know if I need the ppm encoder to go from the ar8000 to pixhawk?  

Any reference pictures how other did this would really help me see the best method.  

Will be using a Spectrum DX8 Radio with the ar8000.

Thank you in advance.

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    • Hi Tom!

      I'm lost, i bound my receiver to my radio through esc's but now I'm competently lost! How do I go about connecting my AR8000? I already have the spektrum remote receiver connected to pixhawk but how do I power up the receiver? or where do I connect all the numbered cables coming from the PPM?


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        You use either the Spektrum Remote Receiver or the full eight channel receiver and the PPM encoder, but not both at the same time.

        If you want maximum range, then you are going to have to use the eight channel receiver and the PPM encoder. The outputs of the eight channel receiver are connected to the PPM encoder which in turn is connected to the Pixhawk. Instructions for using the PPM encoder with the Pixhawk are here: Encoder

        Otherwise use the Spektrum Remote Receiver only with the Pixhawk.


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        • Dave, thanks for your help! I got it all figure out, :) my flip fpv is set up with pixhawk all I need is to autotune and i'm good to fly...

          One question: Is it OK to heatshrink the PPM encoder??



          • Newb here (to pixhawk anyway)....  I actually just got my 3DR Y6 and it's all set up,  I set up the satalite via the plug area on the Pixhawk but I'm at a loss for how to connect to my AR8000 receiver.  I got the RFT Y6 so it's all set up for me and pretty much ready to go, but after reading this, it sounds like I still need some encoder to go from Pixhawk to my receiver????  Ugh... I was so pumped to get going with it.. go figure.  LOL  

            I have the satalite receiver plugged into the Pixhawk but I'm not sure if I read this right?  I can actually use that as the main rx?  Is that right???

        • Thanks Tom!

          I got the satellite receiver connected and was able to calibrate the DX8 but I notice that it switch my channels; my three position switch which is on channel 5 its now on 6 and my "gear switch" which it should be on 6 it's on 5.

          How would I go about getting these switches back to normal position? or should I better off using the AR800? and if so, how do I know which plug goes where? when I connect my AR800 to the PPM encoder it wont work the light looks dimmed.

          What would be the right order to connect the AR800 and the PPM encoder?

          Thanks for your help Tom!


    • fast response thanks, just what I thought.

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