Dashware looks to be a pretty nice tool for overlaying telemetry/log data onto HD video.

It was recently acquired by GoPro and is now free to download and use.


It doesn't have built-in support for APM log files for some reason, only through something called "flytrex".

There are a few videos on youtube where people say they used their own method to convert APM logs to Dashware data (it can operate on .CSV files) so It should be pretty straight-forward, but I don't want to spend a bunch of time on this if someone else already has a tool or script.

Please share if you know where such a thing is available.


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        • yes there is and it contains the right info

          • can you attach your bin log?

            • bin file click here

              2016-02-15 17-24-13.bin
              Shared with Dropbox
              • there are some missing columns...

                for example NTUN_PosX used to calculate distances.

                Btw using your bin i see the hdop.


                • thank you for testing the bin file

                  Did you choose the 'APM Copter' profile or the just 'APM'? because I was using just the 'APM' because this is meant for arduplane.

                  • i've selected APM Copter, i've modified only this data profile (i've some copters but no plane to test).

                    In the APM profile i don't have added the hdop and the others mod.

  • I've opened an issue to https://github.com/OverloadUT/apm-dashware to support the new structure of ardupilot logs.

    The author, very kindly, has fixed the parser and now the conversion is ok!

    I've forked the project and i've added a new profile a template and some new datatypes (Battery Ampere, Flightmode, Hdop) and requested a push to the original git project.

    If someone wants to try   https://github.com/gulp79/apm-dashware

    here a simple test:


    Collection of scripts for getting APM flight logs to play nice with Dashware - OverloadUT/apm-dashware
  • I used it yesterday, with BIN file from Iris+ (APM 3.2.1).
    You need python installed first, than look at the readme file for command sample
    That will create a .csv file from your .bin
    Copy the xml files in your C:\Users\xxx\Documents\DashWare\DataProfiles
    Launch Dashware, you have now access to APM data format when you import data file.
    • thank you, 

      I have tried running the the script

      gave error mentioned below

      Am I doing anything wrong?

      C:\Python27>sdlog2_dump.py "C:\LOGS\3.bin" -e -f 3.csv -m GPS -m ATT -m NTUN -m
      CTUN -m MODE -m CURR
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Python27\sdlog2_dump.py", line 154, in <module>
      File "C:\Python27\sdlog2_dump.py", line 79, in _main
      (columns, rows) = parser.process(filename)
      File "C:\Python27\sdlog2parser.py", line 116, in process
      File "C:\Python27\sdlog2parser.py", line 187, in __parseMsgDescr
      raise Exception("Unsupported format char: %s in message %s (%i)" % (c, msg_n
      ame, msg_type))
      Exception: Unsupported format char: d in message GRAW (172)

    • maybe the Iris+ log is different...

      can you try to convert this log (Pixhawk 3.3.2) ?

      2016-01-30 12-50-20.bin

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