I am having some trouble figuring out if the sounds from my Pixhawk running the latest APM:Plane on it , indicate a problem. Everythign otherwise seems to work great on ground - though havent flown in air.

Heres the video :

Its the last tone at the end that I cant figure out. Does that indicate an error ? 

Thanks ! 

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  • Hi,
    I am also worried about a tone I am getting on startup with my pixhawk. As soon as I power it up I get a high pitch tone which continues until the "start up ok" trill. It's really annoying and I can't find any info anywhere on how to stop it. Any ideas?
  • Thomas, My comment did not post completely, for some reason.

    So when i power up i get the musical tone. and then after about 10 seconds i get a flat, long beep . This long beep is what i am curious about. Does it signal some kind of error ? 

    The yellow flashing light is understandable, as it would be due to failed GPS which is fine since I am indoors .

    I want to fly this , but not confident till i figure out that long beep.

    Thanks ! 

    • My PX4 gives the same pattern on boot up, a little trill of mixed tones followed in about 10 seconds by a long single note.

      I've never investigated it but just took it as being a confirmation note that all is well and the board has booted successfully. 

      • FYI the long note confirms that the board is armed:-)

  • Admin


    I am not hearing any audio in your video. Maybe its my computer.

    However, after boot up and before there is a GPS 3D lock, the big led should be flashing blue, I believe, not yellow. The other leds look okay as far as I can tell.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

    • Thanks Thomas ,

      The audio is there in the video . 

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