Just before sunset, new ixus 100s camera, ardupilot + other stuff, sh*t, f*ck and so on.

Goldberg Electra + tsunami 10/15 + Rhino/Zippy 3700mAh Lipo (!)

Maybe too windy, it takes fine 1st turnpoint upwind, but next downwind TP, i think last and then landing,

it only circles further and further and I was too hopeful to it turn back (hard to see).

Ok, I have My  Business Card wit it, little hope maybe.

I'm so Pissed Off!!!

My own fault.

One strange successfull but wierd flight couple of days  before (Friend's Taxmeet gps logger):


slight wind.

Target heights quite high, 50, 100, 150, 200, 150, 50, but it succeeded.

More beer, I can't stand any more.

Attachments Succesfull Flight info







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  • Developer
    Have you tried to fly over and photograph area with glider tow plane? It may be possible to find your GentleLady UAS still. Please invest in a xbee Pro Telemetry or OSD when flight test range is a Swamp, Forrest, Mountains or Ocean, I really miss the Mohave desert. I drove 10 minutes to wide open space, I flew RC gliders & Estes Rockets there during the 80 & 90s.
    I was a flight test planner at Edwards AFB at the time. I did loose some small two stage rockets, would loose site of them above 1000' AGL with 10' streamer recovery.
    Your GentleLady's white wings should be very visible from air, go find your plane!
    Good Luck!!
  • I am sorry for your loss :( Don't you have the last lat/lon ? I record data on my Ardustation moded with an sd card, so I always have the last pos in hand if the plane is lost. We need a crash locator beacon (beeper)
  • Developer
    Hi Tero,

    I hope you find it. You need to have your gain values tuned well to succeed in wind. You can get away with sloppy gain tuning when it is calm, but as you have seen it will be insufficient with significant wind.

    When you find it and try again take smaller steps and be prepared to take manual control. I encourage you to use an on board logger or telemetry so you can capture data from your flights and make incremental improvements till it is really good. Don't give up!
  • Moderator
    Sorry for your loss! Gary is right, though- we're riding the bleeding edge of amateur UAS. Have your beer and chalk it up to experience! Just try not to make the same mistake twice ;)
  • Moderator
    Its closer than you think. Load some music on your MP3 player and enjoy some country walks.

    Good luck.

    Darkest before the dawn. Remember your being a pioneer here!
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