Hi all

Has anyone used one of these kits before:



Are they any good? and what is the range of them? I see they are only 100Mw compared to some of the 900Mw

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Ryan, I was asking myself the same question and stumbled upon this thread on RCGroups which discusses 5.8 Ghz for video. In a nutshell, not good for long range, OK for close flying.


OlivierD is not necessarily correct when he states that 5.8 GHz for video is only good for "close flying".

You get what you pay for in the 5.8 GHz video realm. There are 250mw and 500mw transmitters available along with diversity receivers.

Check out this website: www.iftrontech.com/5.8GHz-Diversity-Pro-Receivers/c48/index.html

DIY Drones Forum member Andy Geppert has put together both the dpcav.com transmitter and receiver and presently has some issues with them. If you deicide to try and assemble the dpcav.com transmitter and receiver, make sure that you are comfortable with assembling surface mount components.

Just a thought.

Good point, you get what you pay for.
In the realm of affordable things, it seems 5.8 Ghz is limited in range unless you can afford IFTRONTECH stuff.
Anyway, I am no RF technician but the general rule is the higher the frequency the lesser the range. And that's why 900 Mhz is still the best bang for the buck at the moment.
As Tom mentioned, I just got these exact kits and assembled them recently. I checked out the rcgroups link from OlivierD and that was enlightening. The assembly process went well. It was my first attempt to take on surface mount components and it was actually quite fun. Just go slowly... look at the the curiousinventor and sparkfun tutorials...

So far, I'm not happy with the video quality and I haven't tested range (using these antennas http://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16254&cat=268&...). I have the TX and RX within three feet and there is some odd 'warpage' of the image. I need to capture some video and get some troubleshooting input from dpcav. Ryan, since you started this forum topic, I'll add my experiences here instead of starting a new thread. No promises on speed though. I'm trying to work this in around the edges (as everyone is I'm sure).

Also, keep in mind 5.8GHz requires an amateur radio license to be legal in the US.

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