Drone acting weird

Hello Everyone,


Ok so I build a new drone in the "x" config and it flies real well.  I am able to have it hover in one place and fly it around in a very small space in my back yard, I end up bumping it into a plastic can right as I turn off power to land.  No biggie just broke a prop. 



I replace prop and the next day take it to the park to fly.  It starts to do this weird stuff at the park.  It will fly level then you can hear one or two motors speed up and it does this weird "dip" then recovers, dips like it is going to flip over then recovers. 




So I switched batteries and double checked the ESC connections and it seems to fly better but their is still this "hint" of this dip then recover issue. 


Next day I recharge the batteries and go into back yard and it seems to be right back to trying to crash it self.


What is happening?

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  • Ensure that your new props are balanced and the motors must not be generating any vibrations

  • Also check all your esc/bullet connections   You may have bent a motor shaft, you can test this by moving a motor around and see if the problem follows.

  • calibrate your ESCs again... and ensure the motors are spinning freely... reload the arducopter firmware again to defaults and re do the parameters... it should solve the problem. Also, when you arm the ESCs ensure that the copter is sitting on a leveled platform. Take of in the stabalize mode only and then try any other mode.

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