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Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to quad copters but I recently bought an IRIS+ and am fairly confident flying it now after a couple small crashes. :-) I'm been working with an open source javascript library called Cesium which is a 3D/2D Globe visualization engine that can be run in a web browser without the need of a plug-in using WebGL. 

Anyway, I've been writing an application to read in time tagged GPS data in a CSV format but once I got my IRIS+ I realized how easy it would be to modify it so that it
could read in log files off of the APM. If you would like to try it yourself and provide any feedback you can test it out here  and/or watch a video walk through of the interface here:

I've only tested this with logs from a couple different IRIS+ drones so let me know if it doesn't work with your log files.

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  • Fantastic - will install Cesium and try out , when you say log files, does it work with .bin logs too ? , and - sorry for asking, , but is there a plane model too  ?

    Great job - I am surprised to be the first to comment it here.

    • No I only have code to read text log files and aren't sure how I would go about reading a bin file since its binary, right? I could add a plane model as well. Have you tried loading a log file from a plane and did it work? 

      • tried an ArduPlane .log I found on this forum - the circular "load" animation just goes on forever. , the mission is never ready for playback.

        Source to decode/expand .bin can be found in https://github.com/diydrones/apm_planner

        • I took a quick look at an ArduPlane log file and the GPS data is formatted differently. The data actually doesn't give me a real data/time that I can reference for each gps position so it ends up failing when you load it in.

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