DX8 telemetry module and Arducopter..?

   Hi all.  Happy holidays.  Im a super noob that just got his first r/c this last monday.  Built and solders the puppy in one longgggg night.  :)  Im trying to figure out how to connect my dx8 telemetry module to the oil pan..  I know there is the 4 pins marked telemetry but what are the specific outputs of these pins?  What pin goes to what input on the tm1000.  I have 3 ports.  temp/volt, rpm and data..  I have read high and low searching forums and google etc.  No one seems to mention they actually have this module working with APM and IMU.  Arducopter stores sell the dx8 saying best receiver due to integrated telemetry module for basic info from APM.

  Any input would be greatly appreciated :)


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  • connect the red and black stripped wires to your battery or pdb. you can also connect the temp sensor. if you buy extra rpm sensors you can use that on one motor.

    it cannot talk to the apm at all.
  • The telemetry is quite misleading. You have different sensors you can get to monitor things such as temp,rpm and battery.


  • Hi,

    I am using the telemetry module with a DX8 on my quad. As far as my knowledge go you can't connect the telemetry module directly to the APM ( I have never checked if you can connect it directly to APM in some way). You have to solder the attached connector and wire to your power distribution board battery + and -. Plug this connector then in the telemetry temp/vol connector. You will then be able to monitor the voltage of your battery.

  • Hi there, 

    Did you ever get this sorted out? I just ordered the same setup and wondering if I'll encounter the same issue. 



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