Electricity generator for my project

Hi there,Currently I am planning to make a new wind turbine. I am using a 12V DC motor to run the turbine and it will generate electricity. I have a 12V to 240Vac (DC TO AC) inverter which i made myself after doing some research in the internet.Now I have two points(output) at the output of the transformer. I am planning to connect a blower to blow the wind turbine which will continuously generate electricity. So , at one point of the transformer, I will connect my blower and the other point , it will go to the load ( for my own use )So , will this work in practical ?Any ideas or suggestions about this project ?thanks in advance.

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  • If you wanted to keep it up for long then Epo wouldnt work very well. Actually hobbyking released this carbon fliber with an option for a motor that might work. With a flying weight of 600 Geams its pretty frickin light. 

  • its called the 2nd law of thermodynamics.. cause ma physics is a REAL bitch!!


  • Your never going to get this thing to run off onboard power generator completely...But Ive often thought of putting individual solar cells (There very light and not that expensive, and theres plenty on ebay for making your own panels) on the surface of say a flying wing and then using that to trickly charge your battery while in flight. You may be able to do the same thing with turbines. It wont keep it in the air forever but It might increase you fly time.

    • Ok,

      my friend, Bertrand Piccard and his team have built all-solar flying airplane (solar wing)

      called Solar Impulse and another Solar Impulse of the second generation called Si2.

      All-solar flying-wing cannot start a flight basing on solar energy only (fluctuating)

      so batteries have to be fully charged.

      What comes next is jet streams to make you fly at the cost of energy provided by jet streams.

      Efficiency of solar cells is generally low 6%, 12%, 18% (insolation level within
      500-1500W/m2 limits).

      If your all-solar wing airplane has a surface of 1m2 so, in theory, your solar power station can deliver 1000Wh energy, not much in case of a copter drone  (there is no wing to put solar cells) but you can try with all-solar flying wing project.

      Ok, I will try to make a single solar cell to fly (motor + Li-Po battery attached).

      Better idea is to build all-solar motorized kite for tests.

  • Hi,

    I build vertical axis wind turbines based on 3-phase direct drive generator (1,000W output power). 30cm diameter generator's rotor is great to generate electricy at low wind speed.

    Omni-directional vertical drum with blades can catch low-wind blowing from any direction.

    Why do you need a blower ?

    My vertical axis wind turbine converts kinetic energy of the wind into electricity (3-phase).



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      I believe the idea was to take wind out of the equation and add the blower to drive the turbine.

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        ...until @ Dwgsparky explained to @vishnu that loss-less systems do not exist.

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          Even if you went to the trouble of using superconductors and running the motor / generator as a direct drive and did the rotary motion in a vacuum and used magnetic bearings you would still have too many losses to make it work, also consider that in order to accelerate this from zero speed you need some additional energy from somewhere. 

          you will also see many "claims" for a magnetic motor that can run forever, yes, it can run BUT it will stop eventually and it has ZERO torque to convert into power. its a con and has never been demonstrated to work successfully. if it worked I would have been building them for years!. 

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    Hi Vishnu

    this sounds like a great idea at first but it is not practical and will never work as you intend, it simply is not possible to get more energy out of a system than you put in due to the efficiency (or lack of) in the system. The main loss of efficiency is due to heat, resistance and windage in the motor and generator.

    in your example 

    lets assume that the motor needs 1kw output to turn the fan and turbine (assuming no losses due to lost air, a direct drive would be more efficient) this mean you need to put into the motor approx 1kw /.9 or 1.1 kw to get the 1 kw of usable power. 

    the generator has its own losses so assume 1 kw input less the efficiency = approx 0.9 kw output

    now take away the losses in your DC/AC converter. approx .1kw and you are left with 0.8kw to power a 1.1kw load from the motor.  the result is the motor will slow down and stop very quickly. note that it does not make any difference what voltages are used in the system it will never work. output power is always less than input power.  if your system did work you would have a perpetual motion system and you will be a multimillionaire. I wish you well. 

    • It' easily done with direct drive, just peek at the internet under free energy motors, you might get some interesting ideas. Good Luck!

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