I have searched long and hard for how to use Emax Simonk ESC's with Pixhawk running the latest Arducopter.  The problem is these ESC's have no response when connected to Pixhawk. From my research the native PX4 flight stack sends a 900us pulse at boot, which is what these ESC's seem to want/need, otherwise they timeout.. they appear to timeout using Arducopter only on Pixhawk but not on APM...  if I have pixhawk powered by USB and booted and ready to arm, quickly plug in my battery and thus provide power to the esc's and arm they sometimes beep and start up.  Does anyone know how to get Arducopter to send this 900us pulse on boot?  If the native PX4 flight stack does it then it should not be hard to throw that code into Arducopter and fix some of these ESC "compatability" issues.   As 3DR stated in posts all these ESC's work with the native flight stack.

Thanks for your help.

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  • I am kind of in a similar situation. I already have a Pixhawk 2.4.7 and EMAX RS2205 2300kv motors. I was thinking of buying the Emax BLHeli Series 30A ESC(https://emaxmodel.com/catalog/product/view/id/101/s/blheli-series-3...).

    Were you able to resolve the issue?
    This link(https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/connect-escs-and-motors.html) says that Pixhawk has problems with EMAX ESCs.

    Does anyone have any idea about this??

    BLHeli Series 30A ESC (ONESHOT available)
    BLHeli Series 30A ESC
  • Problem – Pixhawk not initialize ESC


    Problem – Pixhawk not initialize ESC
    My Pixhawk (firmware 3.3.3) controller will not initialize the ESCs on my home made QUAD.

    I setup the Pixhawk origallialy on a HobbyKing Turnigy SK450 Quad with Multistar 20amp sbec and Multistar 2213 – 935kv motors and it worked fine.

    Now when I moved the Pixhawk to this new quad (EMAX BLHeli 20amp ESCs and EMAX 2213 935kv motors) the Pix starts up ok but the ESC/motors never give those initial beeps. I have tried resetting the throttle end points 1000 to 2000 in Mission Planner software – no joy.
    I have tried to teach the Pixhawk the throttle range (program the ESCs – power up the Pix with throttle in high position ) but no programing beeps from ESC/motor.
    I am stumped – why does the PIX not talk to my new ESC/motor combo?
    I am planning to move the PIX back to the Turnigy SK450 just to prove that I have not lost my mind.
    Kindly help and old man (72).

    • SOLVED - I replaced my EMAX BLHeli 20amp ESC with Turnigy Basic 18amp just for a test and everything works fine now.

      I guess I need to buy some REAL ESCs that are compatable with my PIX.

      I will go shopping at HobbyKing.


  • Did you overcome the issue?

    Could you share the solution?

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