ER9x + Rolling SW + Mavlink + PC Control ?

Hello Everybody,

i have two questions which hopefully somebody can answer:

First question:

- If i have a PC and a TG9x with the ER9x- Ardupilot Firmware, is it possible to connect both the PC (Mission Planner) as well as the Remote Control (TG9x) to the Ardupilot at the same time ?

 -> E.g. by running a Cable from the TG9x to the PC and using the same modem ? - In other words, can mavlink be used multipoint ? - Or is it only point to point ? - If so, how would i wire TX and RX ?

Second question:

- Is there a software version for the ER9x which supports also rolling switches ? - I have tried the normal ER9x, but it seems not to support e.g. to use the TRN switch as rolling switch like the SW version from GerardV. - Anyone got an idea ?

I would really highly appreciate an answer on this.



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  • tell me please

    i put arducopter firmware to er9x with classical connection ...and then  i ll make the connections to 3dr radio ??

    or never mind what i can do first ??

  • can u help me please ....i dont know how to connect 3DR Radio with my er9x transmitter ...if you have any photo it ll be very helpfoul..thank you

  • Has anyone tried this (point-to-multi-point) using the new 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit (air module in both the aircraft and the ER9x with the USB ground unit on the PC)? It would be a HUGE advantage to have the MAVLink telemetry available in both places.

  • Hi Florian,

    I have also a Frsky with FLD02, it is good for having RSSI, too much technology for a little UAV :)

    When coding a functionnality, we must always  trying to optimize memory space or it is too diffcult to have great array. The symptoms when it crash, TH9X reboot and returns to the first menu. Test many times new functionnality before flight.

  • Hi,

    The source code is here on git :

    But I think ATmega640 is not limited to an interresting project, but we can only keep the functionality rollout switch. TH9X crashes easily if the program is a bit big.
    But to work with mavlink we can have an alternative:
    1) the purchase of the card gruvin9x for ATmega2560
    2) use the PC with Misson Planer
    3) use the Android device.
    I like the third, because it is small and powerful enough to bring on the field, but right now I'm a bit busy to work 100% on the project.
    But I can help you if this is in my rope.

  • Great Earl, 

    It work now on APM2 and xbee.

    Yes you can put this code on er9x, but it work on ArduCopter, not on ArduPlane.

    I am younger than you, only 52 springs :)

  • Hi,

    How do you solve your problem before this ? UART Baud rate or TTL Level ?


    Not receiving heartbeat :

    Really I dont know, to investigate we need more dump,

    you can use "Free serial port monitor 3.31", but do not use MegaPlanner to generate data but a dumb terminal.


  • I found it, but I must test it this week because it was very old version, and I'll send to you for dumping data

  • Hi Earl,

    Sorry for the late reply

    My last test was on APM1 Hardware and Version 'ArduCopter V2.4.2'.
    Never try with ArduPlane and APM2 Hardware.
    The minimum configuration is only setting the data rate (air and uart) between APM and TG9X (SERIAL3_BAUD paramter on APM).

    sysid is only for sending command (must match with SYSID_THISNAV parameter, default is 1).
    compid is not use at this time on APM.

    Your configuration seem good.
    APM to Mission planer @ 57k ->ok
    APM to TG9X (er9x-ardupilot) work but is it at 57k or 38400 ?

    On the first version there was a screen of data dump.

    Can you try to connect
    APM to Serial terminal on pc with xbee.

  • 3692368660?profile=original

    May be P5 is off.

    There is no priority. In ppm mode on APM, only when ppm value change (there are 6 values) the mode change.

    So if ppm value does not change and we send mavlink command code the APM mode will set with the mavlink code.

    In mavlink mode, it more easy to configure because we dont need to calibrate ppm value.

    Today try only in ppm mode because some mode cannot set via mavlink.

    I use  KYL-210 but is an half-duplex, when I try the link APM and AMP Planner there is sometime CRC Error maybe it is due by collision. In TG9X I try to send packet after a heartbeat. I take it because it work on 433mhz, I'll try next time xbee on 2.4ghz.

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