I saw a cool idea and thought that it'd be great for my new copter to save space/weight and make it look much nicer. I'm just wondering if it's a good idea.

I am building a Hexa and wanted to know if daisy chaining my ESC's (similar to the picture below) would effect any of my systems? Mainly the mag..

Again, the idea is to reduce the overall clutter and save on some wire weight, but am worried about magnetic fields being created and that screwing with my mag/apm or anything else.

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I don't see any problems.  I do something similar, but instead of daisy chain, I use a star that ends at the +/- points.  I use lighter gauge wire for each branch to the ESCs, and heavier gauge for the two wires connecting to the battery.  In your case, all the current runs through the chain, so you'd need heavier wire all over.

this looks OK since every one of the ESC has the same length of wires. (red and black added)

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