Hi there!

Legitimate 3DR Pixhawk owner.

I started my first Pixhawk build 3 days ago with SimonK Afros. No go. Sync issues, even after FW update.

Bought and overnighted some EMAX 60a ESCS. Apparently EMAX also has compatibility issues with Pixhawk.

No go, for whatever reason, and the dev ticket to fix this issue is apparently closed with no solution.

What's a not garbage 40-60a ESC that isn't terrible that I can go spend even more hundreds of dollars on that is guaranteed to work with the Pixhawk?


No SimonK, because that firmware isn't compatible.

No EMAX because that hardware isn't compatible.

I hope this could end up being an actual, no BS compatible ESC reference for others that have less time or cash they want to waste

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  • I am in the process of building a Tarrot 680 using Multistar 3508-580 motors and Afro 30amp ESCs, expected flying weight 3.3kg, planning to use 12X5.5 propellers

    But I have just read this thread and now I have a decision to make, do I continue with the Afros flashed with the latest SimonK or do I abandon them and get some  Hobbywing X-Rotor ESCs ?

    • I'm sorry, you aren't special. I thought I was special after reading in pixhawk documentation not to use Simonk firmware on Pixhawk.

      Get the different ESCs, or suffer an early crash

  • Hi Phil, sorry to hear your problem. I'm facing similar problem 1 month ago. I end up using ZTW spider OPTO 30amp on multistar 390kv motor. Have been trying using 16in prop on 3s and 13in prop on 6s both without problem.

  • Interestingly, I just built a Goblin 380 helicopter with an AUAV-X2 board, and using a YEP 80A ESC.  I'm also having problems with the ESC not initializing properly.  I'm not sure if this is the same issue, though I've heard the firmware in the YEP80 can be generally just janky.

    Hopefully my Hobby Wing Platinum Pro V3 100A arrives today. :)

  • Hi Phil,

    I've just completed a spider quad build using Pixhawk and TBS bulletproof ESCs (with SimonK) and seem to be having an issue with the motors not fully spooling up - at full throttle its not even close to lifting off.

    On reading your thread I'm now thinking take a nice photo (pretty chuffed with the build), sell the Pixhawk and go back to the good old KK2.

    • Paul, you sound defeated. :) Does it stop accelerating part-way up the throttle, or just seem not enough at what should be full? Maybe try with a servo tester or direct with the radio and see if it's any different? Maybe it's just endpoint calibration?

      • The motors (Multistar 2213) respond, but spool up as if they're in slow motion and only to what seems about 1/4 power at max throttle. Calibration is OK, I'll try your servo tester idea - appreciate the suggestion. ps - only momentary defeat, won't give up till it's in flames!

    • You could do that, or you can do what I did and buy either the T-Motor Air ESCs or Hobbywing XRotor ESCs

  • I'm using HobbyWing Xrotor 40A on iFlight 320kV motors running 6S with 15" props.  They work perfectly.  No problems at all, and the price are ridiculously fair.  I've also had several HW Quattros in service, similarly they are flawless.  I'm also going to HW's on my helicopters.

    I really don't know why anybody would use anything else.

    • Developer

      There is an Issue with the EMAX not booting correctly on Pixhawk. They work fine for other autopilots like the APM2.5. I raised this issue here on drones-disucss 

      I don't think anybody has had time to investigate further yet.

      A simple test to see if the EMAX ESCs will work is to boot the Pixhawk with them disconnected, and then connect them. If that works, the problem is that the signal lines from the Pixhawk are being held high for a long period of time of startup, which mean they fail to initialize.

      @Simon, check the drones discuss mailing. I posted some timing traces of the PWM signals on start-up. Which is different to other autopilots that do work with the EMAX ESC. 

      (I don't own these ESCs, but a friend does. I'll see if I can get hold of them to test, last time he was flying them quite happily on NAZE)

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