Esc's won't hold calibration. Help me

Hey guys! I am building a quad copter using the apm 2 and I have everything wired up and now I'm almost ready for the first flight. My issue is when I calibrate the esc's they work fine and then once I turn it off and then back on all but one esc are still calibrated. The other three all spin together but I have to give a little more throttle to get the last motor to spin. What do u think?I'm running the turnigy plush 18A esc on all 4 cornersThanks guys!Kyle

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  • Was a solution found for this?

    I'm having a similar problem. All-In-One Calibration works perfectly (All motors start together, nice linear throttle, Max/Min Throttle PWM is good), but when I power off and on again the escs are not sync'd and wants to take off at the slightest amount of throttle (<15%).

    I have also done one-by-one esc calibration which works but again, once the APM is powered off and on again the above conditions appear again.

    I have adjusted Throttle_Min to the lowest value. The quad is flyable but Loiter and Alt Hold make it act like a bull on steroids. I've done some PID tuning to make it less aggressive which helped, but I still come back to the ESC calibration. I get all the right beeps and good throttle during the Calibration but on cycling power it doesn't seem to hold the Max/Min throttle values to the ESCs. Its like it thinks throttle starts at 50%.

    I have tried this using SBUS-CPPM and individual Channel cables. Same results.

    Taranis Plus w/ X8R using SBUS-CPPM encoder

    3DR APM 2.6 (quad v3.2)

    Tarot 650 Frame

    RC Timer 5010 530Kv motors

    RC Timer 45A SimonK Escs

    14x5.5 Props

    • Same here.  4-in-1 Esc calibration won't retain.    While in calibration mode, and right after you lift the stick to test it, those motors roar.  But power it down, and back up after 30 seconds, you lift the throttle a bit and the motors barely idle.... and not change in speed when moving the stick upwards for the next 2/3rd of the way. 



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