Hickman, NE

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I am just starting building my arducopter and I am loving it. i have the custom build chassis together and am trying to wire everything up. I want to start doing areal photography with my copter so I am excited to get this done.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Trying to use the arducopter for areal photography and just having fun doing my own building


Hickman, Ne, USA

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Kyle Sawyer posted a discussion
Hey guys! I am building a quad copter using the apm 2 and I have everything wired up and now I'm almost ready for the first flight. My issue is when I calibrate the esc's they work fine and then once I turn it off and then back on all but one esc…
Oct 3, 2013
Kyle Sawyer replied to Kyle Sawyer's discussion Did I wire this wrong? Please help. Only 2 props turning
"Thank you! That helps a lot. I have my esc wired up in series which I don't know why I did that so now I just need to wire them in parallel and it will work and get a 3s lipo. I was trying to power it with a 2s. Thank you!"
Sep 7, 2013
Kyle Sawyer posted a discussion
Hey guys! I am building a custom quad copter using the APM 2.5 system and thought I could build my own power distribution set up and I thought it was good until I powered it up today for the first time and only 2 of the motors will turn. I was able…
Sep 6, 2013