These following were the steps I did to set up the FrSky TFR8 RX to initiate the fail safe on APM and in case this can help others . I suggest add yours here as well if you have a different TX/RX FS setup.

I suspect other TXs other than the Futaba  will work much the same for setting up this TFR8.


1. Disable the fail safe on the Futaba TX. ( MODES, FS, then make sure all settings are set to NOR )

2. Go to END POINT menu and set the throttles lowest end point to 140 or where you can see throttle levels on Mission Planner drop to or below 975. Go out of Modes menu.

3. Make sure all settings on the TX are normal as if not in flight. Rebind the receiver to the radio.

4. Ensure the throttle is in the lowest position where it was reading < 975 and then push the F/S button on the Receiver. (The TFR8 green LED blinks twice when fail safe is set) Now the fail safe is set on the receiver at that position and will go to this setting itself if it loses signal from the TX.

5. Go back into the Modes, END POINT menu and reset the throttle END POINT back to 100%. and your done.

The throttle from the RX in normal use will now only drop to its normal lower level (about 1110) and will only drop to < 975 if it looses signal from the TX.

Make sure when setting the RX FS that all the radios levers and switch settings are in normal position because the receiver will remember what they were set at and will set them back in that position if TX/RX signal is lost.

Its is likely possible that the TFR8 receiver can also be set to initiate any of the flight modes. eg. Land or RTL. if TX/RX connection is lost.


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  • I'm trying to do the same config on a Futaba T10CG with a FrSky TFR4 receiver.

    Instead of changing the END POINT, I just trim throttle down to +/- 967 and push the F/S button on the receiver.

    FS on Futaba is disabled (all channels set to "NOR")

    For some reason the Failsafe settings in the TFR4 receiver get lost.

    After pushing the F/S button (green LED flashes 2 times as it should), the failsafe works a few times (no consistent number!) when switching off the transmitter. 

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    • I am joining a bit late but suffering from the same thing...

      What John explained above is the correct and perfect way to set up failsafe on Futaba compatible Frsky RXs.

      And I am sure it will work the same for many Frsky Rxs that are Futaba compatible.

      BUT the problem is exactly what Svenson described above!!! We disable the Futaba Tx failsafe and set the failsafe per Frsky instructions. It works for once or maybe twice and then the Rx forgets the setting and outputs different PWM value every time it loses the connection with the Tx making the Failsafe totally unreliable and useless.

      I recently pruchased Frsky TFRSP and have been batteling to solve this problem for the past week with no avail...

      I posted in different forums with no luck. 

      I hope John Campen or somebody else would see this and shed some light... If I find something meanwhile, I will update this thread...

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