FailSafe, problem, bug? Surely FS RTL is illogical when in LANDING mode?

Hi, Failsafes are a life saver, allows me to push my luck with distance.

However recently, actually a few months back..I had a problem.

I was low on battery heading home when I started to worry that I wasn't going to make it.

I found a clear spot to land that was reachable on my quad  I brought it down most of the way and then selected LANDING mode, as I often do if not in visual range.

Anyway, then as it made the final descend it went slightly behind a ridge and hedge (not much, I didn't anticipate a problem.)

It had actually touched down, I thought. I even thought it had disarmed although checking logs it appears I was wrong on that.

Suddenly the Transmitter signal FailSafe kicked in! and it launched back into the air like a rocket!

I was sure it was going to crash, wind had got up more than I was comfortable with also.

I decided not to touch anything and let it come home on its own as and hope for the best, there was not a closer better place to come down as the ground was sloping.

It did make it back ok and actually only took a few seconds and I wondered why I had panicked

However I am worried a similar thing could happen again. I am amateur surveying crops so its easy to get behind trees and hedges when coming down in a different place to where I started.

Surely it doesn't make sense for FS RTL to kick in when in LANDING mode?

Surely if either signal or battery or any other problem, if the pilot has selected LANDING mode he is attempting to recover in a safe position. Which should then override other fail safes?

If that is not logical for normal LANDING mode, maybe there could be a new alternative Emergency Landing Mode that overrides fail safes, to allow the pilot to pick a safe spot to come down?

Thanks for any comments.


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Btw, was that plane or copter ?

Sorry, i should have said.

Tricopter , but I'd have thought the same applies to anuy flying variant of the drone.

If the Failsafe does anything it should prevent the pilot from manually relaunching, for those without telemetry who may not be aware of

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