I need a bit of help. Today, after 2 years and 100's of flights, I lost my plane due to low RSSI Failsafe. The problem is, I failed but not safe.

The low RSSI happened without warning. It was not a graceful degradation that usually occurs but a 2 second okay >>> fail.

The issue is the plane went into circle but applied no power to motor and the elevator was at -14 degrees!! The plane lost altitude and crashed into a fence. It was stolen before I could retrieve it. :-((

Why doesn't failsafe result in full power and climb??? Did I set it wrong? This is the first time I've actually had an all out failsafe. Well, it didn't work!!! Very disappointed!!



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What do you mean RSSI Failsafe? APM doesn't use RSSI to failsafe. What kind of radio are you using? What are your FS parameters set at? How can we respond to your post with out any information?
Hey, take it easy. It just happened n I'm stil POd. Okay, wrong term. Loss of radio control using "throttle" F/S.
The real question here is F/S behavior no matter what the trigger.
I want/need max throttle, climb and either circle or RTL. (I realize circle, continue mission n RTL can be selected) The mystery to me, since I never experienced a F/S, is why 0 throttle and down elevator?? I was in FBWA mode at the time the F/S occurred.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Still no info. No parameter settings. No logs. You ask, "Did I set it wrong?", but you never tell us what you set.
Hey, I'm just wanting to help you but I'm working very hard just to get you to reveal your settings.
I guess I'll just try to "take it easy".
Thanks for the effort. Lets make it a general question then. When one sets F/S, can it be set to apply max throttle and climb, regardless of circle or RTL for next subsequent action?
I was using minim OSD so I know there was a F/S. I only have set Throttle F/S. I could see RSSI go down like a rock. It's hard to get a log when someone stole the plane. I could see mAh was at quiescent as it went to F/S, -14 degrees elevator and right hand turn. (I recorded the video and OSD with a DVR)
I guess I'll just review wiki for setting F/S to see if I missed something critical. Thanks anyway.

I thought you must have a .tlog when you said your elevator was -14 degrees. Now I understand that your pitch attitude was 14 degrees nose down.

Perhaps this is the parameter you are seeking:

RTL altitude (ArduPlane:ALT_HOLD_RTL)

Return to launch target altitude. This is the altitude the plane will aim for and loiter at when returning home. If this is negative (usually -1) then the plane will use the current altitude at the time of entering RTL. Note that when transiting to a Rally Point the alitude of the Rally Point is used instead of ALT_HOLD_RTL

What was that set at? Were you flying above that altitude? If so, the plane will cut power and descend to reach it. Maybe you made the mistake of thinking this parameter was in meters while its actually in cm Perhaps you entered 100cm altitude for the plane to RTL at.

This is why I have been wanting your parameter settings. I'm sure you saved a copy of them somewhere.

Hi Steven,

It really would help to have some logs to look at :-)

Cheers, Tridge

What mode did the OSD say that the APM was in at the time of the incident? CIRC, RTL?

I wish I had them. I wish I could find the clown that swiped my plane. I was crossing a hill that is higher than my take off point. My home RTL is about 250ft AGL. I had all Terrain Follow attributes enabled. But Iskess gave me a clue. Circle my seek the RTL altitude, which in this case would be a decrease from the FS alt. Ergo, the -14 degrees pitch n zero throttle. Sounds like I should had FS go directly to RTL instead of CIRC?
I was set up in correct units. The mode was CIRC.
But I think u hit the nail on the head. I was way above my RTL altitude. So if that is what the plane was seeking in circle mode, I completely understand its behavior.
Since we have terrain following for PH, it would certainly b great to have thin incorporated.
I misunderstood. I enabled all the terrain para. And therefore thought in F/S the plane would Terrain follow in F/S RTL. Apparently CIRC is not considered part of the RTL sequence.

The failsafe circle mode will keep constant altitude, so stay at whatever altitude you started the failsafe at. If you had TERRAIN_FOLLOW enabled then it will even go up and down while circling based on the terrain below that part of the circle (this assumes it had managed to download the terrain data from the GCS).

Do you have any logs at all? Even from a previous flight? The logs tell us your settings.

Cheers, Tridge

I'll search for a log. I usually erase them. Btw I was using latest plane release and latest MP release.
Now I'm wondering what went wrong.
Clearly the plane was headed to the ground quite fast. At the time of FS it was only about 150ft AGL. If it had held altitude we went be having this conversation.
Are there some para. in particular I should check for next time?
Than you

It's worth pointing out that if you expect some feature to work, you should at least test that it works in a safe environment before relying on it.  This lesson would be from flight testing 101, I'm guessing...

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