First Auto-Take Off and loiter video

Auto Take off and loiter for unlimited...

Something was definitely not right.

It took off perfectly but then started to rotate as in video.

I would imagine i did something wrong with the script.

I want to be able to take the copter anywhere, regardless of location. Then do an auto takeoff and loiter.

Heres the video:

Here is the mission script:


#define WP_RADIUS 3 // What is the minimum distance to reach a waypoint?
#define LOITER_RADIUS 3     // How close to Loiter?
#define HOLD_CURRENT_ALT 0    // 1 = hold the current altitude, 0 = use the defined altitude to for RTL
#define ALT_TO_HOLD 5

float mission[][5] = {


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  • Keep trying.

    It will work all of a sudden.

  • Hey, I tried to do the same basic thing and it seemed to take off and loiter for a second but then when it should have RTL and land it just seemed to go off into the field. I was wondering if you had figured out any thing yet?


  • I don't think you need to connect USB to download logs. I had a bunch of logs on my netbook that I was using with Xbee and I haven't connected the USB in quite a while.
  • Developer

    It will hold whatever Yaw it is set to when it was engaged. It may have rotated 180° past the hold value and continued around to the proper location. This can happen if there is an imbalance somewhere causing it to Yaw on higher throttle.

    Only way to tell for sure is the internal flight log. 


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