Flaperons and Stabilization for Flying Wing Parameter Setup

I have a Pixhawk setup with qgroundcontrol and mission planner(I can use either or). My plane is a scratch built flying wing that uses flaperons.

I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to control my flaperons properly from my transmitter while having stabilization enabled from the pixhawk to make the servos react to the pixhawk's movement. I believe this should be relatively simple, and that I must being doing something wrong.

I have used both rc passthrough and the rcin# servo parameters to successfully get the proper control input from the transmitter and engage the stabilize mode. Even though the stabilize mode is engaged ,the servos do not react at all to the pixhawk's movement. Only the input from my transmitter sticks will move my servos, and they do so properly.

I have tried the flaperon1 and flaperon2 servo parameters, but I am not able to set up my transmitter mixing to give me any proper meaningful output from my transmitter input when these parameters are being used. When stabilize mode is engaged with flaperon1 and flaperon2 servo parameters, my servos react to the movement of the pixhawk which is what I want to happen with the stabilize mode engaged.

How can I set up my parameters and transmitter mixing so I can have proper flaperon control WITH stabilization from the pixhawk on my flying wing?

I am relatively new to this hardware and software. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Your first mistake is that flying wings don't have flaperons, they have elevons.  Do not use any mix settings on you transmiter, pixhawk does all the mixing. Here is the correct wiki page.

link to different plane types

I understand that flying wings conventionally use elevons for bank and yank control. I figured I would try for some yaw authority and figured flaperons would be a good approach, such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8JfAjKLVX0 . Would the flight characteristics of a flying wing not allow this to work so well?

I also now realize the arduplane flaperon servo parameters are for a conventional "tailed" craft and would not work in my situation, and now I assume I am left with transmitter mixing to set up my control surfaces but no stabilization available.

I see, you want differential spoilers for yaw control. I was about to tell you that would take a bit of work to modify the code, but I checked the wiki and this has already been done.  Differential spoilers. The side by side spoilerons should work the the same as the split version as in the video. Make sure your top and bottom linkages are identical. You would need to watch out for the two surfaces colliding and the servos fighting each other.

Good luck and happy new year!

I believe I have it working as I intended with the differential spoilers! It was super easy to set up. I just need to test it further on my wing when I have fully completed my scratch build. I have spent many hours trying to figure this out and you pointed me in the right direction, so I really appreciate the help!

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