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I've been trying to get my FPV to work.  I final got and my camera to send a signal to a ground station and actually get a video to display on the monitor.  When I fly and image breaks up and becomes unusable.  The distance is only 20 feet away.  Not sure if it's interference from the copter or what.  I've gone ahead and order some cloverleaf antennas to see if that might fix the problem.  I'm using a Lawmate transmitter at frequency 1.2Ghz.

My question actually has to do with the Mission Planner and then Planner.  At the top of the screen there are 2 options, one for Video Device and one for Video Format.  Next to Video Device we have a Start and Stop buttons and check box for "Enable HUD Overlay".  What are these used for and how do I use them?  I'm thinking that might be used with FPV.


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  • Where are these options? I would be very interested in bringing video into Mission Planer with a capture device. I did not know this was possible! I am running Mission Planner 1.2.36. I have poked around looking for these options, but can't seem to find them.

  • The image breakup can be caused by a few things:

    - reception problems
    - computer does not have enough speed (cpu) to process the incoming images
    - slow usb capture device

    Please note using 1.2Ghz on any power output requires a valid HAM license.

    In the planner the "video device" allows you to select the capture device which is plugged into your computer.

    The video format will allow you to set the capture resolution. If the image breaks up try selecting one which is lower in resolution, that should require less cpu power.

    The start/stop buttons will start the video capturing - if you hit start on the first tab of the MP instead of the green horizon you will see your captured image.

    Enable HUD overlay i suspect will overlay the telemetry data on the incoming image before displaying it.
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