Flight Planner Not Recognizing RC Input

Hi all,

I'm running into some curious issues with my quadcopter build. The problem is that when I attempt to do the radio configuration in the Mission Planner (I'm using version 1.2.34 Mav 1.0) I get no green bars at all. Calibration does nothing and it appears that the arduino is not receiving radio signals. However, when I test this by plugging in an ESC and a motor to each channel, I can spin all of the motors up. Then, in the Terminal in APM, I run the Radio and the PWM test. During the PWM test all 4 of my channels work and display values which seem to be normal (1000-2000) for each channel and change corresponding to the transmitter. In the Radio control, only 3 of the channels (1, 2, and 4) seem to change any of the numbers. Those numbers change over 16-bit signed values (-32,000ish to 32,000ish)... I'm quite confused as to why I can get data via PWM, 3/4 of the data through the Radio test, yet none of the bars work with the APM radio configuration. I have reinstalling the APM and updating to the latest versions as well. Any ideas what's going on?

Thanks so much,

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  • Do you power your receiver separately? i found that living only the gps powered by the apm solved the problem.my receiver and the telemetry arre powered separately from a BEC.

  • I'm having the same issue using APM:Copter with QGroundControl and an IA6B transmitter...

    Has anyone found a solution?

    FrancoisBONIN said:

    Hi , guys , i have the same problem , but only in PPM mode, with the separates outputs it works fine.I just changed my receiver to a IA6B and tried to set it in PPM mode , no success, the receiver is ok , and send the 8 channels on channel 1(scope verified).Any idea?

  • Hi , guys , i have the same problem , but only in PPM mode, with the separates outputs it works fine.I just changed my receiver to a IA6B and tried to set it in PPM mode , no success, the receiver is ok , and send the 8 channels on channel 1(scope verified).Any idea?

  • yessss... i solve mine too... i purchased from my friend crius AOIP v2 RCtimer.. then i flashed the firmware with MPNG flashtool with the apm:plane.. 

    i also encountered the same problem... everything works... except the mission planner did not recognize my rc inputs.. after afew day tweaking around... i finally solved mine.. first i flashed back the firmware into apm:quad... then it do recognized and i can calibrate my rc inputs.. then i try to flash the firmware into apm:plane again.. hoorah... it works.. now.. lol... hope this info would help others...

  • Bloody hell, I have the exact same issue. To the letter.! Tested my RC Rx by connecting directly to ESC. Works!

    but radio config doesn't work.

    Tried CLI mode same error as yours.

    3No dataflash inserted3AP_Motors: failed to create the throttle curveCOMPASS INIT ERROR"

    did radio setup in CLI. getting ranges of approx 1118 to approx 1920 on all connected channels.

    Do i need to do something to make the ranges fall below 1000??(if so what??)

    and if the setup is done in CLI, can i skip the GUI radio config?

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    I've notice that sometimes you need to click "calibrate" before the bars will display. And sometimes you have to wait a few seconds. If all else fails, closing the MP and restarting it always does the trick for me.
  • Another thing I've noticed is that when I am using the Terminal CLI: if I type "logs" my board does not seem to respond and seems to hang in some loop. It never does anything until I click back on the "Terminal" button back at the top of the AMP Mission Planner.

    I don't know if this is related in any way but thought I should mention it.

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    Did you try the Terminal radio calibration in the CLI setup? Works for me and I get the green bars using the MP 1.2.34.



  • Hi, I'm kind of having the same issue as yours, I'm gonna paste what I said in an other post maybe this is a better place to get a reply.

    Hi guys, donno if I'm doing something wrong and maybe I missed a post about this but I'm having issues with the new APM2.5 I recieved a couple of days ago. I manage to connect to it with M/Planner over USB but no flight data information and not even radio calibration works. On the other hand I can perform calibration/modes and even Mag/sonar/gps tests from CLI. When I connect with Xbee everything works(except CLI). The old APM1.4 works fine over USB/Xbee. So What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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