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FrancoisBONIN replied to Terry's discussion Droidplanner 2 vs Droidplanner 3/Tower and "Ground Tracks"
"also with tower , i was not able do display the battery voltage..."
Aug 23, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Charles Shipman's discussion Suburban powerline EMF interference in IRIS
"yesterday , i was returning to launch , and when approaching the 240v lines , the drone suddenly decided to go down fast, and i crashed ton the wall of my garden.after this , it was still able to fly , so i made a 1 mn loiter flight in the garden 3m…"
Aug 15, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Michael Ransburg's discussion How to reset PIDs
"in what mode are you trying to adjust?I think you should be in acro..."
May 29, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Alex Wilson's discussion Flight Planner Not Recognizing RC Input
"Do you power your receiver separately? i found that living only the gps powered by the apm solved the problem.my receiver and the telemetry arre powered separately from a BEC."
May 14, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Oliver's discussion APM 2.5 Firmware Upload Verify Fail
"Seems to be true! Matthew Dickinson said:
For me, whenever I try updating firmware using mission planner running inside a Windows 8 or XP virtual machine using VMware fusion, It fails - I find I have to go find a 'real' PC to get it to update."
May 3, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Alex Wilson's discussion Flight Planner Not Recognizing RC Input
"Hi , guys , i have the same problem , but only in PPM mode, with the separates outputs it works fine.I just changed my receiver to a IA6B and tried to set it in PPM mode , no success, the receiver is ok , and send the 8 channels on channel 1(scope…"
Feb 21, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Bogdan Ryabyshchuk's discussion Antena for 3DR 915MHz TX Radio
"hector hind said:
open it up and look , ive got afew 915mhz kits now and they have all come with little dipole antennas that say 2.4 on them but when i rip the top off they are indeed wound copper 915mhz antenna's!
yep , true ,but its not copper,…"
Feb 8, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Jake Stew's discussion The Real Specs and Ranges for 3DR Radios!
"Hi , i got 2 pairs from Bangood 915Mhz , i can't  do more than 50meters with the provided antennas...Are they bad?What is wrong?
My ground antenna is with me ,1.2 meters from the ground, not far 10cm from the RC transmitter"
Feb 8, 2017
FrancoisBONIN replied to Ground Loop's discussion APM 2.6 v3.0.1: Refuses to ARM, won't say why
"you are lucky , me, disabling the pre-arm check won't do anything left stick down - right , nothing happen..."
Dec 19, 2016
FrancoisBONIN replied to Taylor Mantick's discussion APM 2.8 Throttle Control Issues
"I think you need to calibrate the ESC's"
Dec 18, 2016