How to reset PIDs

Hi all,

I'm using ArduCopter 3.2 on APM 2.x HW. I used autotune to autotune my PIDs and first they looked good, so I saved them. After analyzing my logs, however, I see that I do not like the new PIDs after all and I would like to revert them to the old PIDs which were the default (!) PIDs of the Arducopter.

Since I'm using ArduCopter 3.2 on APM 2.x HW, the Terminal CLI is no longer available. Therefore I cannot enter CLI in order to use the Setup command to change my PIDs to the default values.

Can someone please tell me how to restore my PIDs to the default values without having to redo the complete ESC, compass, acc calibration (which would be the case if I reinstall the firmware).

I would also manually reset the PIDs through the "Basic Tuning" and "Extended Tuning" screens (I think what autotune modifies is all listed there, right?) if someone could tell me the default PIDs/Parameters.

Many thanks and all the best,


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  • in what mode are you trying to adjust?I think you should be in acro...

  • Hi There

    I am trying to set the PIDs for a new Octo i build. It is a custom build for heavy lift. What i have found is that when i try to tune manually with ch6 the values given does not want to locked and goes back to the old values

    Any body who can assist

  • For future reference here are the AC 3.2 default PIDs:


  • Developer

    in the Full Parameter View in APM Planner 2.0 (and it's simialar in MP) you can select Reset To Defaults to what you require

    • Hi Bill!

      Many thanks. But it seems that I can only reset _all_ Parameters this way, so I would need to redo compass calibration and so on, right? Is there a way to only reset the PIDs?

      If there is no easy way to do that, can someone please post screenshots of the default values for "Basic Tuning" and "Extended Tuning" (i.e., "Basic PIDs" and "APM:Copter PIDs" in APM planner) for me? I can then reset the values manually.

      Many thanks and all the best,


      • Developer

        You can save the parameters, reset to defaults and then do a compare to merge in the relevant parameters.

        The other option is to reset to defaults, redo all your calibrations, then save the parameters before modification. you can then always compare to see what has changed.

        Compare is an option in the full parameter view.

        • Hi Bill,

          many thanks again. I did the reset and re-did all the calibrations. Next time I will save my parameters before trying something like autotune :-)

          Thanks again for your time and all the best,


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