flysky th9x failsafe

Ive been trying to setup the failsafe on my flysky th9x tx so when i switch off signal is cut but in mission planner and apm 2.6 when i turn off my tx all signals stay as they were at last position.

my receiver is flysky FS-R9B but when i turn of the transmitter the values on radio3 stays unchanged!

so the failsafe can't work.

what can i do.


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  • Can't be done. Went through the same issues myself. Found out that the FS-R6B channel receiver has a failsafe but not the 8 channel, odd. Since i needed more than 6 channels, i upgraded to the DHT module with D8R-II plus module. That way you get all channels plus telemetry, not to mention a much better transmitter/receiver pair.

    Made this decision after a copter went out of range (transmitter connecter inside the antenna broke reducing range) and crashed. Decided that a failsafe is necessary for anyone with a copter they want to keep in one piece, i literally get twice the range and feedback on RSSI now. I live in a pretty metropolitan environment so I worry about interference.

    • Hi,

      Yes, it can be done. I have a FlySky transmitter and two 8 channel receivers working great with apm 2.5.2 and 2.6. See this video:


      • Sweet! Wish I had seen this before, would've saved a couple of my drones.

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