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Has anyone tryed to get the section 333 exemption to use ur drone to make money for ur company in relestate and arial photography and various other things ...I have been using my mjx x600 with the c4005 WiFi fpv camar to look at fans on restraunt roofs for my company I am never in the air more than 3min and the highest I fly is maybe 42' ft I record the fan see how dirty it is and use the video to make a price for the customer to clean the system for them . will I be need to apply for the exemption and I saw the list of pre approved drone models and very obviously mine is not even a consideration so. I don't want any trouble or fines in wake of these new rules and regulations.does any body have any good answers in regards to this

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  • Kris, looks like you would need an exemption based on "compensation for hire" or "furtherance of a business." If you haven't already, you can do it yourself with a downloadable or mail-able Section 333 Exemption Petition DIY Kit or we can file for you. You will also need to register each aircraft and have those documents on hand in case law enforcement or an FAA Administrator would show up. If you need anything related to exemptions, registrations, etc. you can PM me directly or check out

  • Is this the FAA's real agenda? I don't believe the FAA will stop at just registration.

    Excellent video by IBCrazy:

  • Kris:

    There is a whitepaper available here - - for the lawful use of sUAS in the real estate market. good luck!

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  • Hey thanks much its still good advice and I did some reading they say the coa 333 potitan is for anyone who is making money like realtot taking photos of a house they are selling on various other jobs its not for the big companies yet this is a flight clearance for the singel persons to be able to fly and make profit. It says ur uav cant be more than 55lbs and has to stay in your line of sight so its for the little guy . But in my case I am not charging people to survey or for the drone to even be there its just a time saver for me and its FUN it gives me a reason to to take off and I get some good video of the area I am in.
    • From my understanding keeping to the line of sight rules they stated and staying at a maximum altitude of 200 foot or less u didn't need the license only to fill out and get the section 333 approved but I didn't read everything they have so many different links to everything so I'll have to do some more reading
      • According to the FAA - the operation you describe would be a commercial flight.

        To completely legally operate the drone to assist your business you need two things: A Section 333 exemption letter and an airman's certificate (AKA Pilot License).

        Many small businesses do this routinely without the above documents, and if you don't crash, post your work online or otherwise gain the attention of the FAA, how would they ever know?

        If you have any kind of airman's certificate (the FAA does not issue licenses, they issue certificates), then there are rules against flying for commercial purposes. If you aren't certificated, there are no rules prohibiting commercial flight.

        The Part 107 rules for commercial drone operations are expected to be finalized sometime in 2016. This will greatly simplify the operating rules, but an airman's certificate will still be required. However, Part 107 rules creates a new operator certificate for small UAS operators. You need only pass a written test to obtain this new operator's certificate. You won't have to learn to fly a Cessna.

    • Lol ok I got you I need to figure out the clauses to home built uav,s then they provide a short list of automatic preaproved am models I'll just do the 333 now so hopefully later I can be grandfathered in to the new laws when they do come to pass and try and be put to work thank yall for the input
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        Your machine will be approved, you need to get an N number as well don't forget. I assume you have a sport pilots licence or PPL already as the person flying the RPA needs to have one of those.

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      According to the FAA, you still need a 333 and a COA to do what you are doing. Even if you are not charging for the service, you are using it for commercial purposes. So yes, you do need a 333 and a COA according to the FAA.

      That being said, they have stated that they don't have the resources to enforce their current regulations, and they haven't had much luck enforcing them in the judicial system. Most of us don't encourage ignoring FAA regulations, but that's mainly due to concerns with masses of people flying them, completely oblivious to safety concerns. 

      Summary - Yes, you need a 333. No, you probably won't end up in court. 

  • I don't think you can legally do what you're doing.  But, most people do it anyway. 
    My neighbor and a few other people I've met over the past few months are using drones for the same type of thing.. Just to help them w/ their existing business, and they are not geeks or in to RC/Drones for any other reasons, and have absolutely no idea about any of the FAA regulations.. it's just not on their radar in any way..  They use their drones on a weekly basis, completely oblivious to the regulations.
    I think the FAA's vision, is to have big overseeing drone companies, and when a small business like yours wants something done, you'd have to pay that drone company. 

    But, luckily, I think the consumer drone market is developing faster than the FAA can wrap their minds around this new technology, and soon, they will have to bend to the will of the masses, and hopefully allow limited professional uses like these. 

    Sorry, I just re-read your post and see you're asking for a 'good' answer, which I cannot give :).

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