FPV help

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to put together my FPV system and this is what I have so far.

1) Headplay 800 by 600 goggles

2) Go Pro

3) Go Pro connection to transmitter

Now I am thinking of purchasing the following RC/Tx but how do you power it while out in the field?


Now my goggles came with a 2s 7.4v 2650 maH can that be used?  Any help would be great.  I do not understand why the website that sells these items don't list the battery you need to go with them.


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  • Can't tell you about that particular Tx but the Rx is happy with a 3 cell LiPo. It doesn't have to be huge, 800mAh will do and a 2500 mAh is plenty.

  • T3
    Normally FPV uses 12v, but you need to check with the manufacturer and what they recommend. Keep in mind you need power for your transmitter in the air and power for the ground station reciever. I ended up soldering battrry connections for both in flight and ground station batteries.
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