FreeFlight 9DOF I2C IMU

We have developed a "Mini" IMU with ITG-3200, HMC5843, BMP085, BMA180 sensors. Communication is I2C with onboard 3.3v regulator

 The orientation for the board was off for the video but you can see it works.


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  • Did I miss something, I thought it was at BMA-180 and not an ADXL-345 (which based upon the recent study of accuracy was the worst of the lot?)... The board in this shot shows theBMA, not the ADXL- which is it?



  • Looks good.


    Obivous questions:

    How does one avoid it being "off" in reality?

    I understand it needs GPS coordinates to compensate for sensor drifting?

    Do yo plan to sell it? When? Where? How much?




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