Hi all,

I’m on my first quadcopter build and have managed a successful couple of flights in what I think is Simple mode, but now I’d like to be able to assign different flight modes.

I’ve got a Futaba 8FG 8-Channel 2.4GHz FASST For Helicopter w/R6008HS (8FGH_C1)
and the APM 2.0. I’m running with default turn on settings (the plane mode it comes with) and I’m yet to upgrade to the 8FG Super software to get 14 channels (as I can’t find a SD card that is recognised by the 8FG yet!!!).

I’ve been through the 8FG manual (manual seems to assume you know what you are doing...) and done a fair amount of googling, but haven’t managed to find out what I want to do... so.. a few questions...

  • Which switches/channels would you recommend for changing flight modes?
    • My Channel 5 switches seem to be running off combinations of the SE, SF and are only generating PWM values between about 1750 and 1970, which doesn’t actually given me a usable range in the Mission Planner to assign Flight modes. Is there a way to change what the transmitter sends? if so how?
  • The 8FG supports a couple of receiver modes. Should the receiver be in Normal or High speed mode? how would this affect flying?
  • What ‘model type’ should I use for a APM 2.0 Quadcopter?
  • Can you create customer model types? i.e. for a Quadcopter rather than plane or traditional heli.
  • Does anyone have a quadcopter model setup I could have to load on the SD card?
  • Has anyone used the receiver Failsafe settings for ‘radio interference’ or ‘low battery’?
  • Are there any other suggestions/tips?

Thanks in advance!


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There is a Two switches setting there:


I use my T8FG with Normal mode receivers,

Choose Model Setup as a plane,

I used Failsafe with a PPM Sum Futaba receiver (signal loss) with my MultiWii quads, unfortunately there are 7 channels receivers and I have no luck with them and APM2 (seems to need 8 channel PPM Sum). Waiting for a FrSky compatible one.

I may use a SanDisk 2 Go SD-Card. I have to check.



Thanks for the responses!

The link looks just what I want! Not sure why that didn't show up on a google search!

Also found a programmers guide for 8FG sailplanes that has heaps of useful information on the 'why'.


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