Futaba and APM2.5 compatibility

Hello guys, i read and saw a couple of videos on youtube stating that all Futaba T8J/ radio or  8 channel Futaba receiver users with the ATM had to use a program called FLIP to load an updated software to my ATMEL chip.

Is doing this software upgrade absolutely necessary? I did not see this info in the Wiki section or is it just me?

I do have an occasional 'twitch' but i have been flying for a few weeks without incident.

I also have a Turnigy 9x lying in my workshop as a spare, i know its not as good a radio as the futaba, should i just use that?

Any advice and insight will be appreciated.

PS: i got my APM2.5 from Unmannedtech.co in the UK  and my APM2.5 looks like a genuine original version with the name 3DR printed on the side of the case.

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  • One thing I never understood was why I had to reverse the throttle channel on my 8fg. I tried the reverse control on the flightplanner, but it didn't work at all. 

  • I tried updating the encoder and even though it was successful, it doesn't allow me to connect by usb. I removed the J2 jumper after the update was complete and then pulled the USB and replugged it but windows doesn't see it. I tried the update again and had same result. Any ideas on how I can get USB back? It's a 2.5 board bought 1 month ago from 3DR. I have another one I'm getting ready to do it on but want to get this one working first. I'm using 2.9.1b.

  • If you are using a Futaba 8 channel receiver then you must upgrade the encoder on your APM board.

    The necessary link is...


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    For what it's worth I say flash the latest firmware, it's really easy to do. The Futaba receivers are quality receivers (not that the Frysky aren't) why buy another receiver if you can fix the problem by updating the PPM encoder with a simple procedure? Just my 2¢.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • For what it is worth, I am using the APM2.5 with T8J and a FrSky received. I do not have the problems described by other APM/Futaba users. I "think" it is the Futaba Rx with APM that is at issue. Hopefully someone with more experience that I can confirm this.

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