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Anyone useing futaba radio and sbus receiver able to help me out? Im having a hell of a time. Im not getting any stick inputs to be received. Plugged into the RCin port. Receiver powers up and I know it works as I can plug a servo into it directly. I have tried 7003 and 7008 receivers. This is the stuff that makes me think about DJI controllers. :D I feel like I am missing something simple.


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  • Thanks Ultrafuge.  That is one thing I didnt see mentioned anywhere: the whole 12 vs 18 chan.  Ill try 18 channel and see.  I also found where guys had issues using fassttest vs fasst so I ordered a fasst receiver lastnight to see how that goes.  For sure using just SBUS and not SBUS2.

  • If you use a T14SG in 14-channel mode there is no SBUS-problem using R7008SB !

    People who use SBUS-2 or channel-12 mode on T14SG should start reading manuals etc.

  • I have read I think all of those threads.  It all appears to be firmware related and I am on the latest one now.  I assumed the issues were solved.  its just weird.  I have never had issues with sbus before.  

  • Hello,

    If you google "R7008SB pixhawk" you will find old information with your same problem.

    I have a 18SZ (had a 14SG) and I do not use R7008 or 3 sBus2 receivers on my multicopters, but R6202SBW or R6303SB. I have telemetry via 3DR radio.

    Problem is (was?) firmware related. Pay attention to use RC in plug on the PixHawk (the first plug), SB is sBus Out.


  • Marc,  Being new to pixhawk, I am not sure what card it is.  I bought it from Jordi at Mrobotics.  IM pretty sure its pixhawk and not just APM.  My receivers are both configured for sbsus as I have used both of them on my helicopters. 

  • ? What is your Arducopter card ?

    No sBus in with APM, only PPM

    ?? Is sBus Rx mode configured  ??

    See Futaba Rx user manual for that,


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