I'm Planning to do mapping with my quad running on Arducopter 3.2.1 . I want APM to log the Cam messages that get triggered with respect to the distance travelled. I tried editing the bits of the Log_Bitmask. But noway i was able to log the CAM messages on APM. Somebody please help me.
Waiting for a reply ......

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How do you have the camera hot shoe hooked up?

Have you connected the hot shoe to the right pins and configured the parameters to read the pins correctly?

Hi Mike,

I do have my Canon Ixus 135 plugged to RC9 pin of my APM via a mini usb cable and I am able to trigger the camera through the GCS. But there is no CAM message that gets looged in the Dataflash log.

Also do i need to have a GPS 3d fix to have the CAM messages logged ?

Have read through this:

Camera Shutter Control

Thank you for the link Mike.

And as i said Mike i can control the process of taking image from Mission planner. What i want is the CAM message that stores the data when i triggered the camera.

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