Getting Params slow


I am currently having a problem with an RFD900 Radio. The connection is not always good at startup and the loading of parameters is slow.

Is there a way to disable the "loading params" process on mission planner? Is there a problem with just canceling the process?



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  • Moderator

    Try to check the baud rate in your operation system.

  • We had problems to with new RFD900 radios and slow syncing. Was driving us crazy and we thought we would just ave to live with it. But then, out of sheer desperation, I attempted to set the radios to default in Mission Planner. It worked brilliantly.

    Then the other day it came back to haunt us with slow speeds, but was quickly diagnosed as a poor antenna connection.

  • Developer

    The radio is an indication of a problem.

    Best to fix the problem that is causing either a) interference with the radio or b) handshaking / flow control issues with the data.

    • You are right, I was just a bit frustrated and wanted a quick fix. Anyway, do you have any idea where to start diagnosing the issue? Thanks!

      • Developer

        quick fix is connect using control-T, however it may have unknown results if you goto initial setup or tuning.

  • i just cancel it, its never a problem

    • I guess I will do this too while I fix it, I'm just a bit paranoid :-P

  • Try APM Planner 2, it will do that in the background
    • isnt APM Planner an older version of mission planner?

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