Another flight with the same problem. I removed the bullet connectors and cleaned up the wiring and removed the camera and transmitter, but I've got the same issue.

Please reference the video link @ 0:43, 1:30 and at 2:45.

I'm not seeing anything wrong in the log files, (attached).

Maybe it's my RC signal, but it doesn't show in the log that I can see.

Thank you in advance!



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Keith: I took a look at your log and it appears that the throttle_in drops suddenly which corresponds to a drop in altitude.

I confirmed that log against the tlog.

At around 11.5 it drops for a half second and then picks back up.

It's almost like you might have a short somewhere, or maybe some radio interference?

Does this look like a 72Mhz rx glitch or is it me quickly dumping the throttle as reaction I've always done in an event of a crash?

I'm using my old JR 10X with a 9channel ppm rx and a base loaded antenna.

I'd like to use the normal JR 2.4ghz system but my xbee modules are 2.4 also.

I don't think that is you. It happens too quickly, and it happens before you lose altitude. I can't imagine you would cut the throttle to 0 mid flight.

Maybe your tx or rx is going bad... or perhaps you have a short somewhere in your receiver to apm connections. One time I had my camera stabilization servo signal wire unplugged because I wanted to fly without it and that little cable shorted on one of the APM pins and caused an immediate loss of all RC signal. Just a thought.


Yeah I think you are right, now that I look at the time base.

I'm going to try the current radio I use for everything else (2.4Ghz DSM2), and maybe even along with the  telemetry and range check that setup instead of the old JR 10x.

By the way, I haven't figured out how to get the log file to display you have done and many others have shared also. I seem to get just about 8 seconds worth at a time.

Keith: I'm not sure why you would only get 8 seconds... All I do is open the log, click on the column I want to graph and click the graph data button. If I need to add more data I just click another column and click graph data again.

Good luck!

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