I just wanted to see my last flight by loading the KMZ file and Google Earth puts me in the middle of S. Atlantic Ocean.

When I check the Lon. Lat., I find them to be correct. 

Then I click on the "Begin Search" button on GE window (next to the lon. lat. coordinates - a magnifying glass icon) and map goes to the correct location.

I tried different files many times with the same result. It is annoying!..

Something like that happened to me a few years ago when I was using the Eagle Tree Telemetry equipment. There the problem was the change GE made in its code. Eagle Tree updated their firmware to accommodate the change GE made and the problem was fixed.

Now I am thinking what's up here... 

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    To see you flight info, load it into Google Earth and look on the left side and find your log file. Click the plus to expand and you will see your flight modes. Pick one and double click to zoom to your flight. It's pretty cool the zoom in feature.
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