GOPRO Bixler

Im coming from the copter side, but I need longer range.....

Basically I want to map large areas, but every time I see a go pro on a plane it's pointing forward......Well I need it to point straight down. My search turned up some videos, but no actual useful info.

Now I ordered a Bixler, and I wondering if it will support a GOPRO and if so, how would I go about setting it up to face down.... is there room enough to mount this in the fuselage? and If so, is it possible to cut a hole in the bottom for the camera lens? It seems like one of the "pinhole" size generic cams that are everywhere would be better for that purpose.....But then It seems like some of those could be mounted on a diydrone nose plat and tilted over the front.

Andy Pictures, Ideas, anything would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  • I have a few of the Sky Surfers (same as a Bixler).  One is a dedicated LED night flyer, one I modded with flaps and added a Ready Made RC camera pod (just the pod, no pan/tilt setup) and one with the DIY Drones electronics pod and APM2.  For the GoPro/RMRC pod I use a few of the longer arms and point the camera downwards.  It's not facing directly down but it's good enough for me.  On the APM2 plane I have the GoPro mounted on the left wing as close as I can get to the fuselage just in front of the carbon spar.  I used small pieces of ply on the top and bottom of the wing along with a nylon bolt for the GoPro tripod mount.  It does throw off the lateral balance a bit but it's not extreme and I have no problems flying the plane (neither does the APM2).  I have a few photos and videos in my blog on RCGroups.


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