Basic mapping with Iris+ Canon S100

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OK, so I am ready to purchase the IRIS+ and start doing some small scale mapping.  Thank-you to everyone who suggested some DIY kits, but I'm not there yet.

People have given me some GREAT advice about camera, and that the GoPro is not the best for mapping.  I have looked, with earnest, at the Canon Sx260.


As cost is a limiting factor for me (and I don't need industry quality just yet) I am still considering a GoPro as my camera (sans gimbal).  Yes, it is more expensive initially but I can buy kits to change the lens to a 'flat lens' (check out the IR Pro website), as well as get a IR/NDVI kit for the GoPro. These can be swapped pretty easily. 

What puts me off from buying a Canon Sx260 (for example) is that it is more complicated to convert to NDVI (and I don't think I could do it myself), and I would not be able to change on the fly between 'regular' and NDVI.  Getting a pre-modified Sx260 is pretty pricey too.  I've seen some prices on the E38 website for $599, for a converted Sx260. A 2nd hand Sx260 is about $150 an ebay. E30 Charges $210 to make to conversion on a Sx260.

The new GoPro Hero 4 Silver (recommended by IR Pro) is around $400, with additional lenses going for about $150 each (IR Pro website).  I feel like I could possibly make the modifications myself (IR Pro charges about $150 for them to do the mod, I think). 

The Canon Sx 260 is also a fair bit heavier than the GoPro, but has a GPS.

Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on this? 

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  • How do you trigger the Nikon? I'm looking at switching cameras.

  • Where did U get that camera mount for the iris?
    • Here

      Canon S100, S110, S120, SX260, G9X, ELPH 110IS, 130IS, 180, 320HS & 330HS Fixed Mapping 3DP Mount &…
      Canon S100, S110, S120, SX260, G9X, ELPH 110IS, 130IS, 180, 320HS & 330HS Fixed Mapping 3DP Mount & Adapter for 3DR Iris, Solo & X8
  • Bought an SX260 and the IRIS+ today. Will ship off my SX260 to Event38 for the NDVI conversion. As soon as I get results Ill post them.

    Im going to try GrassGIS for the orthorectification, but might also use DroneMapper as they offer reasonable prices. 

  • Can you post the website you got the NDVI conversion at?

    Have you decided on your post processing software? I'm gonna try the open source grass orthorectification, but it doesn't look very friendly.

    I emailed drone deploy but they haven't responded to any of my requests for info. I read they aren't offering service in Canada yet.
    • Microsoft ICE does a pretty good job or regular orthomosaic.


      Another good option

      Canon SX260
      • I have done this conversion of SX260 using service but I'm rather dissapointed with poor quality they did. One of the buttons came broken/unclicable and the image quality just got downgraded when compared to the same RGB camera without conversion. Next time I will not use this service, thanx.

        • Michal,

          I have got Canon SX260 converted by MaxMax + their Remote Sense Explorer software. I would like to calculate NDVI based on their image while using Matlab.

          Can you provide any brief directions on the matter?

          I am interested in the data format of the BIN files RSE writes


        • If not maxmax who would you trust?  Event38?

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