Guided Mode manual?


today i tested my F330 with Auto and guded Mode.

Auto is working fine - but i have some Problems with guided.

When i switch into guided mode it flys to some direction i did n´t configured....

I made some tests.

With "Fly to here" i get a new Waypoint - Fine :-)

With "Fly to here alt" i get no new waypoint :-(

is this normal?

One time i had a issue. I selected a new waypoint (fly to here) in Misson Planner.

The Quad was disarmed.

I armed it in stable mode. After powering the Motors the Quad suddenly raised power on flow to the Waypoint. Luckiliy i didn´t crashed....

To get control back i had to switch from Stable to another mode and back.

Is this normal?

I thought it should only fly to guided waypoints in guided mode???

Maybe someone can explain the guided features in more detail?



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  • Hmmm, I've experienced the same problem with Fly to here ALT not doing anything!

    I had my quad approx 20m up in the air in loiter.

    from here I can set Fly to here (no alt) which works as expected, mode is switched to guided automatically and quad starts to move. But when (again, from loitering at approx 20m) issuing a 'Fly to here Alt' with 60m entered in box, the quad does nothing, still in loiter mode. I will check the code in mission planner and arducopter to see if I can get some understanding of this behavior...

    Any updates regarding this issue since last time you posted?

  • Here is a video from the start

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