Has anyone used the Xbee24

If so, can you tell me what I am doing wrong with the interface to the mission planner? it tries to connect but fails.

I have followed all online documentation about set up. I have verified baud rate, I have even checked the terminal windows in the config app with the Arducopter powered and get some strange text. In the wiki it talks about telemetry info being sent over this line but cant make heads of tails of it, it is mostly dots.

cheers all.

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  • Did you end up getting your xbee24 working?I have 2 x series 2 xbee 2.4ghz and after configuring them i get the rssi light on both ends and when i click connect in mission planner it comes up with "getting params" but then states it can not establish a connection.

    i tried inserting a 7.8k ohm resistor into each tx / rx line but then i don't even get the getting params message.

  • The problem is the bootloader after it bricks.

    A Digi Xbee 2.4 will get the refreshed startup with the firmware.

  • I think your compatibility may be with your bee boot loader from another.

    I purchased from Digi both the modules. They called me up to ask if they work ok while they were working.

    Great customer service :-))


  • I inserted 7.5 kOhm in serial to the RX/TX lines of XBee24 on Copter side to fix it. If your config is OK it should help.

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