Toward the end of this year, I will be building an octocopter for someone. I want to use pixhawk as it is the most advanced of all FCs.I have built small AP quadcopters before, so I do have some experience.The connex system wil allow for a second user to control the gibmal, and the TBS crossfire will give me amazing range in case I need to flick the RTH switch, and provide a stable mavlink connection to the GS.The copter will also be used for live broadcasting at times.I need ~20 to 30 minutes of flight time, and a super stable video with, if possible, a DSLR with a lens that I can control(but I don't know how, aperture & shutter speed control would be nice)But will pixhawk be reliable enough for this job?If there is ANYTHING I need to add, let me know please. The link is in the description.


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  • Your list is fine but can be better ! the RC controller is crap for professional use good for hobby
    RC Controller - 9XR PRO
    ESC is also suspect you should use better quality ESC can cause great pain !
    ESC - emax 50A (X8)

    Pix hawk parts is missing data radio your video TxRx is discontinued they can be combined in to one unit now! or 3 including RC RXTX as well!
    pix hawk also comes with all these parts for the same price & new version pix hawk V5 has been released & new GPS as well!
    FC - Pixhawk 200
    OF - PX4FLOW 100
    GPS - M8N 65
    I2C splitter 5
    Power module - MAUCH 25

    Pix hawk V5 Autopilot FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter M8N GPS [Pixhawk-V5] - $360.00 : www.brush… Pix hawk V5 Autopilot FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter M8N GPS [Pixhawk-V5] - Pix hawk V5 Autopilot FPV RC Drone Quadcopter…
  • Hi Ishfaaq, some thoughts on your request.

    You want a multi rotor that you built yourself to lift an expensive camera in a stabilizing and vibration controlling gimbal.

    The short answer is - yes. The Pixhawk AP is a mature system and is extremely reliable - in my experience. There are very few AP's out there like the Pixhawk in its open and large user group and dedicated dev team.

    Now, understanding this, you must ask yourself if you can scratch build a heavy lift unit, do the connections, soldering, insulating, weight reduction wiring ect. ect. to the point that you can send out the copter for 20 minutes with the huge investment hanging off - or might it be wiser to look at a commercial product with all the features you want already built in like a Inspire or the bigger units.

    If you insist on doing your own thing, use eCalc to check your setup for endurance and optimize the parts. Can not go wrong with Pixhawk - make sure you buy good quality electronics.

    Good luck

  • Rus Talis .. WU-1b  wireless adapter. typical  backward functionality  stuck in FBook mentality to share share share, when will manuf learn , users want camera control  ..  oh well ..  back to the dumb & dumber channel ..  Nikon sure kno nothing about feature access ..    button  only for AW-1, except shoot ( 50foot range can be circumvented , but its a non starter

    thanks  Nikon ..

    Wi-Fi Shooting: Images can be taken remotely using a compatible smart device using the camera's Live View preview on the smart device to frame and compose the subject.

    Note: Smart device is used to remotely fire the camera, maximum distance is up to 49 feet and the smart device can’t be used to adjust settings on the camera.…
  • Near to building an Octo . tho a DSLR is overkill ..   whats wrong with the waterproof AW1 (apart from discontinued) always liked AW1 camera controls ..  anyone dealt with a remote interface for it ? 

  • Interesting, I’m doing a hexacopter to carry a DSLR. Still figuring out how to setup my camera so I can control it and have live view. I will be watching this thread, good luck!
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