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Hello, I was testing a new airplane the other day, the maiden flight worked fine, no issues, landed changed battery and went again on the second flight I launched in stabilize mode and things were going fine so I switched to FBWA I had also done this on the first flight and had no issues but when I switched this time I noticed the plane started to pitch downward and I was fighting to keep it level, I switched back to stabilize and gained altitude and flew for a little while longer before it all of a sudden nose dived into the ground. 

Im uploading the flight data and I would like some assistance in analyzing if there is any valuable data linking the actual board to the crashing of the plane.

Pixhawk board, digital airspeed,gps etc.

I appreciate any input

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  • If you plot RCIN.C2 and RCOUT.C2  , you can see that when you switch to stabilize, you see that the elevator output follows input nicely - so the servo was at least not commanded to do a dive.

    What I don't understand, is that it seems like you not only applied elevator-up - but also a lot or aileron, depending on airframe, and control surfaces throw, this could make it impossible to recover.

    Aileron are logged as C1, and does not indicate any software/electronics failure.

    It could be as simple as a linking rod slipping, or rudder being partially loose.

    • thanks Andre, that was what I thought happened but want to make sure, I lost my Canon SX260 camera and a bunch of 3D printed parts, ($650.00 crash) but I will do it again and this time I will make sure all the rods are tight for sure. I was very pleased with the maiden flight, I knew was something stupid and wanted to confirm before I built another one..will fly without the camera this time...if everything goes smooth I will get another another one. Really appreciate your help. Thanks again

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