help... arducopter 2. fly in auto-trim mode

i try to set level on fly in auto-trim mode
and after trim my qc is very level..
but when i connect board to APM software.. and put my qc on the table

the accl sensor on APM is not on  level position

this my print screen










so when i go to alt hold mode the QC is hard drift

and the loiter mode is not lock in position. same hard drift to :(

i have set loiter radius to zero. and not change any PID setting.


same one can help me?

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  • now I understand about setting auto level
    thanks a lot

    My next home work now is to try to hold potision

  • I have had all these problems,  after leveling and auto trim, my quad is very stable, but the artifical horizion is off a few deg.
  • when you say it is leveled after calibration, it's ok it should not drift


    are you saying it'S not flying level after reboot?


    don't bother with artificial horizon

  • waiting the master respon  :)
  • I have the same problem approx 7 degrees out and high. looks horrible but flies good even in alt hold. Is there anywhere in the GCS code where we can change the angles so that the artificial horizon is level or is it a set up problem with the quad? I have been messing with this quad for about six months and never seen this behavior but I have just replaced a motor & props after a crash (I switched from stable to auto by accident and before I realized what was happening the quad came straight at me and crashed on the patio.It could have damaged the board. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated
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