[HELP]ArduPlane no more Throttle after switch to any assisted mode

hi folks,

finishing my plane, and did some testing.

I am facing one issue regarding throttle.

In manual mode everything is fine, when i switch to stabilize mode, no more throttle, same for rtl.

am i missing something? first time it does that to me.

thxx for your help and your time.

best regards

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nobody has a clue :'((((

here is what i do:

power the plane, switch in manual flight mode , throttle works.

lets say i move the thro stick to 50% then switch to stabilized mode, after two sec, throttle is cut, and if i switch back to manual mode, can t get the throttle to work, unless i unplug and replug the lipo

any ideas? drives me mad

I'd check this http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arming-your-plane/

Also if you post a log it's much easier to help debug these types of issues.

Thxx bill i ll regenerate a log file, but first of all i ll go through the link you gave me.

Thx again,  i keep you posted in a cpl of hours 


so i ve did a new test, and (from your link) i ve seen that i could disable arming_require, wich i did.

i can fly in manual mode still, but when i switch to any assisted mode, throttle gets cut.

here is the log, thx for your time, tell me if you need anything else, if you use skype , you can reach me with the id no-comp

thx a lot for your time

best regards


strange, my APM planner crashed on that log right after "unknown data value found: Q"   -what device is it from /how did you produce that .log ? (maybe converted a .bin) ?


I ve did it with mission planner.

I ll post another log tomorrow. Do i get thro to eero because the plane is not moving?

Thxx for your help

hi andré,

i ve cleaned all the logs, and regenerated a new one, here we go.

thank you for your time

best regards


the attached log contains only minimum throttle, in and out, nothing special.

if you could record this:,  takeoff in manual, switch to stabilize, then manual and land.

(just a short reproduction of the problem)

alternatively, do it without actual flight , just arm in manual , add 15% throttle, switch to stabilize.

The issue you report does not make much sense, because Stabilize is not an autothrottle mode only limited by THR_MIN and THR_MAX,   if you have seen that in FBWB, AUTO, CRUISE, etc it could be caused by error in aurspeed, altitude , etc..

Your THR_MIN is 50 , try to lower it to 0  first, otherwise it won't output less than MIN(50) annd more than MAX(75) in stabilize.

hi andré,

thx a lot for your time.

on another forum i got a response saying that if cruise mode is not working it s simply because the plane is not moving because i am doing static test.

if i was flying, so moving, it would work.

can you confirm?

thx again for your time

best regards

I am not that familiar with the cruise mode logic , what you pointed out . that stabilize stops throttle, is best for troubleshooting as stabilize is the most basic mode that can influence throttle output  - so check THR_MIN like I suggested first.

oki i ll do that tomorrow.

thxx a lot!

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